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Scratch Resistant Acrylic - High optical grade, hardcoated both sides.
Anti-Reflection and Scratch Resistant High optical grade, abrasion resistant with anti-reflective coating both sides.
Polycarbonate Sheet, Scratch Resistant, Indoor Use - High optical quality hardcoat sheet.
Polycarbonate Sheet, Scratch Resistant, Outdoor Use - High optical quality, hardcoat both sides, UV resistant.
Acrylic Diffusion Sheet - Excellent light transmission.
Anti-Fog - High optical quality acrylic with hard coated both sides.
  Precision cutting, laser cutting, CNC routing and machining, printing all thermoplastics - your material or ours!.
Small machined parts
Close tolerance cutting
Small or large volumes
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Techplast Coated Products, Inc. supplies specialty plastic sheet materials requiring optical quality including scratch resistant acrylic sheet, scratch resistant polycarbonate sheet, anti-reflection acrylic sheet and anti-fog coated sheet. In addition we offer acrylic diffuser sheets for backlighting and signage. Our products are often used in the manufacture of LCD and LED screens for telephone and handheld technologies. Techplast also provides small part laser cutting and CNC router fabrication of our materials. We inventory continuous process scratch resistant acrylic sheet.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All information provided on this site is for reference. Always perform your own tests and acquire further information to determine product suitability. While we make effort to provide accurate information, we cannot be held responsible for errors of omission or typographical. Techplast Coated Products, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the use or suitability of any product.

Tel: (631) 464-4440 Fax: (631) 464-4442
Techplast Coated Products, Inc P.O. Box 0479 Baldwin, NY 11510 USA

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